First Time Home Buyer?

Buying a Home   

A step-by-step breakdown of the purchase process.


A step-by-step breakdown of the refinancing process.


Deciding when the time is right is key. Going from renting to owning is a major decision and one that needs thoughtful planning and guidance. With Broadview Mortgage, you get the best mortgage for your situation. Renting, in some cases, is the right choice. A rental is typically the first and last month's rent, and affords renters flexibility. However, for others, buying can be strategic move, both financially and personally. Individuals who are established in their jobs, have steady dependable income, and are interested in staying in one location for some time, are components for someone thinking about owning a home for the first time. Their debts, such as student loans, car loans, and credit card payments, are managable in additional to the costs of homeownership. Owning a home could potentially have favorable tax treatment and equity appreciation which increases their long term financial prosperity.


Most borrowers are unaware of down payment assistant programs available to help the costs of a loan for a first time home buyer. Learning about your options and speaking to one of our Loan Originators is the first step to highlight your path of homeownership.


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